Miksi kaukolampö?

District heating has been used as a form of heating in Finnish population centres since the early 1950s, and today about 2.7 million Finns live in properties heated with district heat. The modern and advanced district heating system in Finland is one of the best in the world. It has also received major international recognition due to its energy efficiency.

District heating means living comfort and wellbeing. It is a safe, secure and easy method of heating, which can save energy, money and time without having to make great investments. With correct and well-advised use of heating equipment, energy is saved without having to compromise over the requirements of healthy living.

When the equipment is in good condition, the room temperature remains at a comfortable and even level, and there is always plenty of hot tap water of the correct temperature. The need for maintenance and repairs is also low.


Many ways to utilise district heat

It is worth using district heat for all heating requirements. For example, in properties connected to the district heating network, it is not economically or environmentally sensible to use electric heating in washrooms. There are many different ways to heat buildings that are connected to district heating, and the choice is made according to the customer’s needs and preferences.

A traditional way is radiator heating combined with underfloor heating in wet rooms. These days, the most popular heat distribution method especially in detached houses is water-circulating underfloor heating, which is a secure, stable and comfortable heating form. It will make visible heating appliances a thing of the past and give more freedom of choice in decorating and interior design. Warm air heating is another choice in properties connected to district heating.

Are you already aware of the benefits of district heat? Whether you live in a detached home or an apartment, it is worth knowing the benefits of district heat. Have a chat with your neighbours, friends, property manager and other residents – for example, at the housing company’s annual general meeting.


District heating is a service where the customer outsources heating management and operations to professionals who, in turn, ensure that their customers have sufficient heating every day and every hour of the year. District heating companies are constantly thinking of the most effective and competitive ways of producing the necessary heat from their customers’ point of view. They are also on call and regularly maintain the district heating networks used for transmission of heat.

The price of district heat is made up of the provision of these services, and it varies from town to town. The price level is normally determined by the size of the district heating system, investments made, the age of the production plants, the structure of the population centre or town, and the available fuels and energy sources. Energy taxation and the owner’s required yield have an impact on price formation.

The customer pays a connection fee for joining the district heating network. This fee varies according to location and the size of the property. The use charges of district heat typically consist of the energy fee and the power charge, which is tied to the power or water flow. The thermal energy used is measured separately for each customer, and the district heating company invoices the customer on the basis of these measurements. The heating costs of a housing company are divided between residents, usually according to living space.

District heating companies are well acquainted with the trends of their own sector, including the latest recommendations and equipment. In addition to district heat production, they take care of the following matters on your behalf:

  • Monitoring the functioning and heat consumption of the customers’ equipment
  • Instruction for using the equipment
  • Advice on energy saving
  • Inspection of the plans and installations of new and renovated district heating equipment
  • Producing a heat consumption report at least once a year (linkki sivulle Seuraa kaukolämmön kulutusta)

Many district heating companies also offer various services to promote efficient use of energy, such as inspections and maintenance of district heating equipment, sealing inspections of heat exchangers, replacements of district heating equipment, etc.

When you want to receive further information about district heat, please contact your housing company’s housing manager or the local district heating company. In housing companies, heating-related matters should also be brought up for discussion at the annual general meeting.

Finnish Energy Industries has developed quality criteria in partnership with district heat customers. When a district heating company meets these criteria, it will be awarded with the Fair District Heating quality label, which guarantees that the company’s operations are open, fair, development-oriented and informative.

The Fair District Heating quality label can be awarded to a company that has committed itself to the following issues:

  • Developing district heat as a quality product
  • Safeguarding openness and comparability in pricing
  • Developing customer security
  • Developing open communications and co-operation with various customer and interest groups, as well as with the media.

According to the quality label criteria of Finnish Energy Industries, a company applying for the quality label should also comply with the technical and economic recommendations of Finnish Energy Industries in its operations, for example, the connection and sales terms of district heat.